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It might have seemed like the day would never come, but DRAB is back from its winter hiatus! Sure does feel like not much has changed since we first started back in March but somehow the arts and music industry has not stopped moving. As always, we'll be right here covering the best of the best, making sure you have a steady supply of entertainment. For those of you who are new here, expect fantastic featured artists, top picks from our editors, and a highlight of the most exciting new music on our biweekly DRABsounds playlist x


Our first featured artist of 2021 is Connie Fletcher and her collection I am what I am.

"Currently in my third year at Leeds Arts University studying BA(hons) Fashion Design, my practice is focussed on designing, developing, and creating my graduate collection. Lately, I have been researching the ways in which our clothing communicates information about our identities and its ability to serve as a visual language.

My current collection, titled ‘I Am What I Am’, explores themes of ‘identity’ and ‘shared identity’ through research into a personal archive of family photos and British subcultures in the 20th century. Like much of my previous work, there is an intentional focus on historical contexts in an attempt to create a feeling of nostalgia by reviving past fashions in the present but with a contemporary approach. Playful yet timeless in aesthetic, I hope to create narrative and tell both my own and my family’s story through my work.

This image highlights the process of making a toile (or mock up) of my finalised design, used to explore both silhouette and pattern drafting before putting together the final product. Here I have sewn together an A-line trench coat which features adjustable buckled straps at the cuffs and shoulder. The belted waist and utility patch pockets add to the simplistic design whilst the bodice is separated into 3 different pattern pieces to add subtle detail using line. I also plan on exaggerating the collar to create a very 70s aesthetic. "

You can find more of Connie's work over on her Instagram @conniefletcher_design_


2021's already seen some incredible releases so let's see what stood out for our editors:

Luc's pick:

"South" by Wu-Lu and Lex Amor

"The bouncy hip-hop beat and pulsating basslines adapt to the post-punk realm of reverberant guitars and shouty rhythmic vocals to form this South-London solo-project's colossal single. "South" is a narrative that satisfies the palette of music enthusiasts from indie to popular, King Krule to Beck. If you're hungry for a soundtrack to feel good to, cool to, angry to, then let it be this. Guest vocalist Lex Amor's closing verse takes us away from the brash vocalisation that we hear earlier in the track and brings us full circle back to the groovy hip-hop inspired foundations of "South" with her softer spoken rhymes. All in all, it's worth a listen."

For fans of: HMLTD, Strange Bones, Lil Simz.

Summer's pick:

"Letting Out the Slack" by Career

"I've been eagerly awaiting more from London outfit Career since first hearing their two-track EP 'Fcdk' late last year. Clearly drawing influence from many of my favourite post-punk bands, these guys have not disappointed with the most recent release of their... Career.. heh heh (I haven't written in a long time I'm very rusty okay). You can expect tightly wound guitars, moreish basslines and drums that make you wanna get up and dance. I can't wait for gigs to be back in full effect so I can hear these energy-packed tracks live, in all their glory."

For fans of: Parquet Courts, Uranimum Club, Lithics

Varun's pick:

"Heath" by Butch Kassidy

"Coming in as the first release of 2021 from London underground label Slow Dance Records, three-piece Butch kassidy's ten-minute long debut single "Heath" is a hypnotic tribute to what makes bands like Swans, Slint, and GY!BE such mainstays in the contemporary guitar music discourse. With deliberate, intense vocal performances, melodically composed drum grooves, and guitar parts that with discipline constrain themselves to repeat over and over again until finally given the chance to explode, "Heath" proves itself as an epic song that can move with a dynamic purpose. It's been a long time since I've fallen so in love with a band I know so little about but in a way that's what makes Butch Kassidy so compelling. From out of nowhere comes this ode to a ferocious sun god that leaves you unsure of whether you've listened to a band or a religious experience. Slow Dance made the right call starting of 2021 with such power."

For fans of: Swans, Slint, black midi


If you are new to DRAB, or simply need a reminder (we know it's been a while), every two weeks each editor contributes five tracks that came out relatively recently to our fifteen track DRABsounds playlist. This week we have a lot to cover so expect quality contributions from bands like Pom Poko, TV Priest, Do Nothing, Spang Sisters, and more. Listen here x

We hope we've managed to meet the standards we set in 2020 with our first digest of the new year. We'll be posting more frequently again so don't forget to follow us wherever you like and definitely sign up for our mailing list so you never miss out on our hottest tips! Till next time, Stay ugly, DRAB x