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While you might think you know the Digest inside and out by now, we've shaken up our formula this week! From playlist updates (with hints at more radio shows), an amazing opportunity for Yorkshire musicians of colour, and some tantalising picks from our editors, this is a digest you're going to want to invest in! We must confess though; we had this entire digest raring to go last week, but due to circumstances outside of our control we had to postpone it a full week. Just pretend this entire last week didn't happen and we'll all be on the same page <3


This week, instead of a featured artist, we have an amazing opportunity from our friends at Come Play With Me for Creatives of colour:

Leeds artist development agency and label Come Play With Me have been fast realizing the need for immediate action in making our current musical landscape a truly fair, diverse, and inviting landscape for people from every walk of life. From highlighting opportunities and development programs to previous callouts for LGBT creatives and creatives of marginalized genders, it is clear that CPWM are truly invested in and committed to building a more equitable world.

Their latest venture into their commitment is a compilation album featuring Yorkshire-based creatives of colour to highlight the breadth and depth of talent that the region has to offer. Not only will artists benefit from being featured on the compilation, but they'll also receive support from the CPWM team before, after, and during the release.

If you are a person of colour who is the creative lead for your musical project or are in a band where at least half the members are people of colour then we encourage you to apply. You can see the specific criteria and apply here:


Previous artists who have worked with CPWM include English Teacher, Dialect, Treeboy and Arc, Harkin, and a lot more so they have a proven pedigree across a range of genres. Regardless of whether or not you choose to apply, keep an eye out for further opportunities and releases from the agency because quality is a guarantee.

The deadline is the 3rd of December


There's few better pairings than art and music. Perhaps wine and cheese, or that could just be the cabin-fever induced alcoholism speaking. Anyway, if you loved that art like you do fermented grape, then I hope these three picks can be your selection of milks curdles:

Luc's pick:

"Glueland" by Do Nothing

"Do Nothing make another of their almost-too-regular appearances to DRAB this week as they hit us with another toe-tapping knee-slapper. If those two movements don't involuntarily infect you to the sound of "Glueland", prepare to find yourself at least nodding your head or humming along and at most, frothing at the mouth when you first hear it. If that does happen, however, please see a doctor immediately. This single features a returning mixture of Chris Bailey's genius vocal melodies draped over a new electronic sound, which following their previous release (a cover of 'Adventure in Success' by Will Powers) is a fix I was left itching for. I hope these synthesised sounds are here to stay and I can't help but feel that I won't be able to help myself from featuring Do Nothing again when it does."

For fans of: The Orielles, PVA, LCD Soundsystem.

Summer's pick:

"Pedestrian at Best" by Lynks

"This crazy electronic cover of a Courtney Barnett classic is so full of energy and so on the other end of the spectrum it feels like a completely new song altogether."

For fans of: Courtney Barnett, Working Men's Club, Famous

Varun's pick:

Mister Strange Live at Mabgate Bleach

"Loyal DRAB readers will have realized by now that Mabgate Bleach is a place that comes up again and again in the archives of our articles, and for good reason. A recording studio, a rehearsal space, and a venue all in one site, the location is a pillar of Northern DIY music and has housed the greatest noisy, fuzzed-out bands to grace our generation. Refusing to let go of that status, Bleach have found themselves pivoting to filming and releasing live sessions from bands like Dense, Soft Jocks, Lumer, and a lot more. The latest addition to their roster of live sessions is one from a band that was previously a stranger to me but now I can't get enough off: Manchester-based 'wunder-fuzz' outfit Mister Strange. Their catchy garage-rock sound is instantly captivating, and hey who doesn't want a taste of live music again!"

For fans of: Thee Oh Sees, The Wytches, Magick Mountain


Once again, we've cobbled together fifteen tracks of recently released music that we've been enjoying. Our latest update features music from Pom Poko, Spang Sisters, Do Nothing, Peachole, Slant, and a lot more. Listen here

If you missed our previous playlist update, then fear not because very soon we will update the DRAB Soundcloud with a new installment of our DRABsounds radio show playing tracks from the last update. While our venture into radio is still fresh, and has been thrown off by national lockdown, you can keep up with it by finding the nascent playlist of DRAB radio shows here:

Well, that sure was a lot of content right? Luckily, as always, it was all of the highest caliber so we know you stuck with us through it all. Hopefully, you continue to stick with us, so until next time,

Stay ugly,