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Some weeks seem to really just go by. Seven days pass and not one stands out, but, yet, at the back of your mind, you still know it was a good week. That's sort of what the time between now and the last Digest has felt like. Luckily though, in making our 29th Digest we thought back and found there was a lot to enjoy and make note of over the past few days!


Our featured artist for this week is Hugo Bilton and their piece Cute Bendy Girl.

"I am an artist/illustrator/designer/maker/collagist originally from the Isle Of Wight, now living in London. I like to make art that is funny to me and has a nice blend of mainly analog processes with some digital aspects. Most of my work is for myself, although I do enjoy it when people like my work as well. I have recently got back into collage and feel like this is where I’ll play for a while now. This particular piece was inspired by some 1980s Japanese advertisement for some caramel sweets. I like to find inspiration from vintage sources, films, adverts, fashion and photography. I like to use sugar paper because of the texture and the nostalgic primary school feeling, especially when paired with coloured pencil. If you like my stuff please give me a follow on instagram @hugocharliebiltonillustrator or visit my website hugocharliebilton.cargo.site :-)"

Make sure to check out more Hugo and his phenomenal at his Instagram and website!


At a loss for what you'll entertain yourself with? Worry not because our editors have chosen exactly what you should be enjoying:

Luc's picks (that's right I've been blessed with two this week as Summer is taking a much needed week off!):

"Live in the Flesh" by Shame and Molten Jets Film

"Premiered this week, Shame knock us dead with a live performance from Brixton Electric produced by Molten Jets who are responsible for many other great piece of art such as King Krule "Live on the Moon". The 5 piece (plus incorporated session museo's on percussion and synth) remain on-piste to their comedic and slapstick personalities initially introduced to their listeners in their "Shamestation" series by swaying from an irreverent sit-com style intro into a half hour epic of their newest material. It's heartwarming to follow another talented "Windmill band" reach yet another milestone in their career and stay true to themselves performing in the same area that made them. I urge you to watch this and see for yourselves what the Brixton Windmill has to offer, and what these 5 lads are capable of!"

For fans of: gigs.

"Jino's Thai Cafe"

"Relocating soon to Headingly's North Lane, if you're in Leeds you absolutely MUST head down to Jino's Thai Cafe for a portion of sweetcorn patties and their vast array of sharing platters. Catering to vegetarians and you carnivorous folk alike, they've got everything to please your Thai-food-thirsty tastebuds! And if you're like me, you'll love the corkage fee free BYOB incentive, to keep your whistle wet! Otherwise, crack open a cold Singha or any other drink of their Thai beers and wines to indulge in a true all round authentic meal. Operating as an independent business since 2003 this March will see them relocate to a much larger venue in Headingly's North Lane, and for a family owned business we couldn't be rooting them on with more excitement!"

For fans of: authentic Thai food, independent businesses, BYOB venues.

Varun's pick:

"The Extensive Waterways Of The United Kingdom" by Todd Briefly

"Do you like post-punk? Do you like light-hearted humorous music that activates all your dopamine receptors? Do you want the word retro to come back into fashion? Well if you answered yes to any of those questions then you might want to check out London Tape Label Just Step Sideways' latest offering: Todd Briefly. A tongue-in-cheek project making lo-fi quintessential post-punk, Todd Briefly seems to have the insider scoop on how to perfectly make the type of music he is because the first single from his upcoming album of demos is brilliant, commanding, and exciting. I've already preordered my tape, and so should you!"

For fans of: The Cool Greenhouse, Lou Reed, Silverbacks


Here's another playlist packed full of music that has blessed our streaming platforms recently. You can expect to hear some class songs from artists that deserve more ears such as Military Genius, La Rissa and Hallan, and our good friends Soft Jocks have something to show you too!

Two weeks to the next refresh so listen here x

That's it!

Until next week, stay ugly!