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It's December now, which means no one can come at you for getting festive so let's get merry and enjoy the twenty-fourth DRAB Weekly Digest together! While Spotify might have you thinking the year is all wrapped up, there is in fact still a lot going on so let's get cozy and see what we have on feature this time round.


Art Sparkles Market at Left Bank

In the lead up to Christmas, we want to continue to encourage you, our dear readers, to support local, independent businesses and makers. If you're interested in the #buyleeds movement, get yourself down to the beautiful Left Bank in Burley to buy some unique gifts made with love.

You can find the link to tickets in their Instagram bio @leftbankleeds


Get to know our editors better with quick looks at what they've been enjoying lately:

Luc's pick:

"Snow Day" by Shame

"Yes, that's right, Shame are making yet another return to the DRAB blog but with a name like "Snow Day" and it being the time of the year that it is, it just seems almost too perfect... and that is exactly how I'd describe this song: near-on perfect. This is the third single in the lead up to their eventual album, and I'm ecstatic over the content of this five minute package. As far as I'm concerned this is everything I'd hoped Shame would move on to since their debut album, which was my first taste for their blood, sweat and tears. And it couldn't have come without channelling major influence from their peers of the ever-impressive post-punk holy temple: The Brixton Windmill. In "Snow Day" I'm hearing the likes of contemporary experimental band Black Midi tastefully intertwined with old-skool funk breaks and danceable verses that boom into cinematic choruses. The direction Shame are headed does seem to remain ambiguous considering the singles for this album so far are a bit of a mixed bag, which leaves us in suspense for what's to come. If there's one thing that's for sure, you can't put Shame in a box and I wouldn't have it any other way."

For fans of: Black Midi, BAMBARA, Fontaines D.C.

Summer's pick:

Nirvanna The Band The Show

"Premiering on Viceland Canada, Nirvanna The Band The Show is my hidden gem that I insist every new person I meet watches. The brand of absurdist comedy is likened to Nathan For You or Flight of the Conchords but is filmed in the style of The Ali G Show, Borat, or essentially anything by Sacha Baron Cohen. We watch as two seemingly braindead friends navigate the world in their quest to play at a local venue, and go to some extreme lengths to do so. It's not for everyone, but if this is your style of humour, you'll fall in love with these characters, binge everything else that Matt Johnson has ever made, and await season 3 as eagerly as myself."

For fans of: Nathan For You, Flight of the Chonchords, I Think You Should Leave

Varun's pick:

"Curiosity (Dawn)" by Dead Naked Hippies

"With a storied history of rocking Leeds with their iconic thundering tracks, Dead Naked Hippies were once formerly a formidable rock trio that never hesitated to let loose. Like many bands though, when Covid hit, they were forced to rethink much of their identity. Split apart from their drummer and unable to access their rehearsal space, the band found the amazing world of synth-punk that's been shaking up the world right now. After reworking their hit "Eyes Wide" earlier this year for the Come Stay With Me compilation to fit their new direction, the trio are continuing with this evolution on their latest single, the lifting and powerful "Curiosity (Dawn)". Set to an equally impressive one-shot music video, Dead Naked Hippies are setting themselves up for a brave new world."

For fans of: Working Men's Club, PVA, Low Hummer


Hopefully, you've spotted our playlist before and saved the tunes you love because we've swapped them all out once again! On the latest update of our fifteen track DRABsounds playlist, you can expect to find The Psychotic Monks, Porridge Radio, and a lot more, Listen here x

24 Digests done, and we're still not done for the year. Stay safe as we enter the Christmas period and scran a fat yule log for us!

Stay ugly,