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Updated: Mar 9

As February closes out it seems hard to believe that we're already two months into the year. Luckily it seems there's a sense of optimism beginning to rise. Festivals and tours, exhibitions and interactive art pieces all start to seem possible again. We know there are no guarantees anymore though so join us in crossing our fingers and enjoying what music and art we already have in our latest Weekly Digest.


Our featured artist for this week is Louis Lang and their piece "boy with flowers no.2".

"I make work that is often self indulgent, creating my own content in the form of narrative and characters, instead of responding to an external subject matter. Although I do take inspiration from nature and folklore. Within my practice I use traditional media such as; pencil, felt, fabric, stitchwork and shy away from digital processes.

This illustration is from a series I am currently working on titled Boys with Flowers. My aim is to illustrate men in a more feminine light."

You can see more of Louis' art on Instagram at @louis.lang


Once again our editors have come together to let you know what they've enjoyed this week. Take a look:

Luc's pick:

"Dark Blue" by caroline

"When it comes to Drab reviews I often try to stay true to the motto of “Disgusting, Repulsive And Bad” but I just can’t let London born 8 piece Caroline go amiss. In the first half of their two-part video project called “Dark Blue”, the celestial yet melancholic instrumentals grow to soul-lifting highs and shrink to heart-wrenching lows amidst which radiant atmospheric vocals interweave themselves. Underlying dissonance in the strings parts conjure up unsettling feelings that are satisfied through repetitive guitar melodies and regular dynamic shifts. If you’ve been looking for music to stare out the window of the train and pretend you’re the main character of a teenage romance movie to, then look no further."

For fans of: feeling something

Summer's pick:

Afterglo Crochet

"Currently running a 15% off sale, Afterglo on Etsy is your one-stop, North based crochet shop. You can find bucket hats, scarves, earrings, bags, rugs, plant pot baskets and more! Full of colour and originality, the products are created with care and love as well as brilliant quality materials. I was gifted one of their bucket hats a couple weeks back and it has not left my head ever since. Go grab yourself something nice, you deserve it!'

For fans of: Lazy Oaf, Unif, Valfre

Varun's pick:

"Don't Mind The Weather" by Sunflower Thieves

"For those following our Digest's intently, you'll have realised by now that two things I really enjoy are Leeds label Come Play With Me's consistent quality of output, and gorgeous acoustic songwriting. Luckily for me, in Sunflower Thieves' latest release I find both. The songwriting duo excel at personal lyrics, delicate harmonies, and clever instrumentation and on their new contribution to CPWM's single club, they provide just those qualities. Adding to their already superb talents, on "Don't Mind The Weather" the two-piece have tapped into a hypnotic part of their songwriting that soothes the soul. Sometime this year the record will be available on vinyl and I strongly recommend adding it to your collection as soon as you can."

For fans of: Lord Huron, Sufjan Stevens, Boygenius


In case you missed it, last week we updated our DRABsounds playlist with 15 new tracks from Dry Cleaning, Stereolab, Talk Show and more. Check it out before we refresh it again next week! Listen here x

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