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The DRAB Weekly Digest is finally out of its teenage years and is now a mature 20-year-old! How is it going to celebrate? Will it be with cool art, music, and a new radio show for a discerning audience? Judging by the rest of this post, I think it will be...


This week we bring you something physical with knitwear from Annie Hall and her "Mushroom Vest".

"Hello I'm Annie, a recent illustration graduate from Leeds Arts Uni!

I make knitwear using a brother knitting machine, t-shirts and the occasional print. 

The mushroom vest is one of my favourite pieces, as I love his cheeky/slightly sinister grin. The design was inspired by a zine I made about the summer before last, called 'fruitful harvest'. "

You can find more of Annie's work over on Instagram @annieisobelhall


Believe it or not, we've been listening to a fair few tunes recently, and here are our personal highlights from the past few weeks:

Luc's pick:

"EP 2020" by cad

"If you're in Leeds and you haven't had a chance to look into the DIY scene then you know DRAB are here to help! Fronted by DRAB loved DRAB lover Alex Pearson, Cad make for an immersive listen. Drawing from influences of shoegaze, post-punk and krautrock, Cad have laid an emotional narrative on an anvil and smithed it into a beautiful brute EP that can only be described as delicate yet monolithic. Their ties to the most DIY music venues in Leeds such as Mabgate Bleach and CHUNK make listening to this EP a better opportunity than ever to dive into the underground league of creative brilliance."

For fans of: Emo, hardcore, DIY music, Mabgate Bleach, CHUNK

Summer's pick: Ella Luna aka @pixiegiest on Instagram

"I discovered this incredible artist this week via an Instagram sponsored post! I’m so glad I did because I’m beyond in love with the way they portray women in their pieces. The harshness of the cat-like eyes paired with sharp, pointed lips against the bright colours and decorative flowers creates something mesmerizing that I just can’t get enough of. The black and white pieces are what stand out to me most though; I’m in awe of the way the artist can portray so much life and whimsicality in a portrait with such a limited colour palette. If you’ve got yourself an Instagram account, get Ella Luna on your following list!"

For fans of: Gorgeous art

Varun's pick:

The Bedroom Tapes by bdrmm

"If somehow you missed the debut album from Hull/Leeds shoegaze quintet bdrmm earlier this year, you may have missed one of the most notable albums to come from The North of England in 20202. Synthesizing much of what makes shoegaze such an everlasting genre, the band drew the eyes of every relevant soul in the music industry. Now, with their stripped back isolation project, The Bedroom Tapes, the band have made some of their best tunes even better by stripping them down and infusing them with a gorgeous layer of intimacy. This is bdrmm at their best, live from their own bedrooms."

For fans of: Slowdive, Ride, Grouper


Our 15 favourite tracks that have come out recently, in a neat package for you to listen to. Updated every two weeks, our latest update features music from Sleaford Mods and Billy Nomates, Famous, Black Country, New Road and more! Listen here x

Every two weeks -lockdown permitting- on Wednesday's from 4-5 PM, we also play tunes from the playlist on Leeds Student Radio! You can find our shows on the DRAB Soundcloud. If you missed the last playlist update, you can find us spinning tunes from it here.

Most of this article was written prior to the announcement of a second national lockdown in England. For our readers, this may put further spanners in the works for us and may interrupt our flow of articles and other content. We hope many of you remain unaffected, safe, and secure and if you need any assistance, feel free to drop us a message. If DRAB can do anything for you, please let us know. Until next time,

Stay ugly, stay safe