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Updated: May 17, 2020

Hello again lovely readers, I've recently discovered that 'installment' can also be spelled 'instalment' and am now very on edge. The English language is a scary minefield of possible mistakes. Regardless of my fear of being blown to smithereens by a spelling error, The Weekly Digest shall continue! This week you can expect collages, music recommendations and a mothers chucklesome take on the incredibly accessible '100 gecs'.


Some say the main attraction of the Weekly Digest, others say our solution to creating content without having to write things ourselves!

This weeks featured artist is: Me! Summer Crane/Marestrum

(I've checked with the High Council of Journalism and the DRAB Lords say it's allowed.)

"I created this piece with no plans in mind. It was my first time properly experimenting with collage and I find that with my art I often find meaning in it after I've created it. For me this piece represents the blending of nature and the man-made, and the way that most of humankind are just passive onlookers doomed to be subject to it until I guess a meteor wipes us out or something. I actually really enjoy the limitations of working with collage - it forces you to think even more creatively and means you aren't overwhelmed with options of where to take the piece. At the moment I'm working on creating a series of alternative covers for some of my favourite music. You can keep up to date with it and find more of my collage work on Instagram @summercrane or @marestrum for a different style of art. "


Now that embarrassing self-promo is out of the way, let's inflate our ego's even further by talking about the cool stuff we've been enjoying this week!

Luc's pick:

"Hands" by Lithics

"Lithics have always been close to my heart, and I'm still finding myself delightfully surprised by the cut of their jib. If you love songs that are so twangy and off-kilter they make your teeth hurt then Lithics have the ones for you. "Hands" is everything I'd hoped this band would become, and I'm excited to see whether they are able to raise the bar yet again following their next single "Tower of Age". Their next album is going to crush."

Summer's pick:


"I've decided to change it up this week by picking some visual art! An incredibly personal piece, 'PRETENDYOULIKEIT' strays from Davies' usual style. Ditching the pink, cutesy aesthetic for a more stripped back style, the artist talks of her "own personal fears and the patriarchal reality of modern sex". Whilst I love her other works and her distinct style, the simplicity and rawness of this particular piece stands out among her portfolio. You can find more of Ellie's art and "all things vintage, cute, angry & political" on Instagram @ellebbyart and I recommend you do!"

Varun's pick:

A Spine / Evidence by Powerplant

"I know nothing about Powerplant, where they're based, what they did before this EP, who they are and I really feel like I should. Their latest EP is a pretty fun punk veering towards post-punk record that has that satisfying blend of retro and current aesthetic we're suckers for. Powerplant, if you're reading this let me join your band you seem like fun x"


Introducing our favourite new segment: Mum Reviews. Where we get a poor unsuspecting parental figure to review something we love that they almost definitely will not. The last thing we'd want is for DRAB to become an echo chamber of praise, so to humble all you talented artists out there, we'll be peppering in takes from the over 40's who'd rather be watching BGT.



"I think this was a mistake? Yes?

When I first played the song I thought I was listening to a cheap insurance advert before the song began and tried desperately to look for the option to skip the unwelcome noise, not really concentrating on the ‘song’ so to be fair here, I dismissed the first 30 seconds. Turns out that didn’t really matter. The unrelenting ear battering continues in the same vein for the full 120 seconds. Once I got over the shock of finding out that this was in fact ‘music’ I tried to take it seriously. That was in fact, quite tricky. It reminded me of the time I found out that “Barbie Girl” by Aqua wasn’t a joke. I now realise that the only explanation is that someone has made a terrible mistake in the editing and pressed the ‘too fast’ button. So, DRAB, please can you send me the proper song, at a comfortable pitch and tempo and I’d be happy to write you a discerning review?"

As well as outshining us with her writing, Sally is also doing some amazing things for the NHS down south with 'Chichester Scrubs'. You can check it all out on their Facebook page here.


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Once again I'm afraid we have to leave you there dear readers. Hopefully you've enjoyed everything we've brought to you on this blessed Sunday and set you up for a good week ahead! (No worries if not though, some of us are just having a really shit time through all this and there's nothing wrong with that.) Sending you all love and care.

Stay ugly.


Writing by Summer Crane