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We're back on another sunny bank holiday weekend to serve you some wonderful content on a silver platter without even so much as a thanks! You kids are so ungrateful these days. Anyways before I offend and lose our entire readership I'll get to summarizing what you'll find in this weeks digest because that's what intros are for right? Today we've got two lovely pieces of art, music recommendations, another music video premiere from Leeds' very own Fossick, and an updated playlist full of big noises to satisfy your little eardrums.


Art time art time art time!

This weeks featured artist is Stingray Ryder with his piece 'Surf Space'.

" 'Surf Space'- Retro-futurism. A mid-century hope that we will still keep ourselves entertained when we all migrate to Mars. Surfing is just one of the activities among many. I've put myself into the optimistic mindset of people in the 1960's looking forward to the future - space obsessed. "

A man of few words, you've gotta respect it. I for one can't wait to go space surfing. See you all on Mars!

You can find more of Stingray Ryder's work on Instagram @stingray_ryder.


Once again, DRAB has been lucky enough to work with musicians we love and been given the opportunity to premiere some exciting music!

This week we premiere the music video and art for "Tree Ritual" by Fossick!

Charlie Fossick is probably best known as the frontman of psychy garage-rock three-piece Dense, a band that pretty much everyone at DRAB loves. With two singles out, including one with the legends that are Come Play With Me, Dense are big names around town but now it is time to hear from Charlie in the form of his solo project 'Fossick'. Talking about his first single and the project as a whole he said:

"This project was inspired by my fascination with analog synth. I've become obsessed with artists such as Gary Numan, Mort Garson, Kraftwerk, Jean-Jacques Perrey and DEVO and all the crazy sounds they've been able to achieve with the use of analog and modular synths. I play in another band called DENSE which is guitar-based and whilst I love creating the sounds we do in that band, this venture is really a self-indulgent departure into the world of synth where I get to spend hours creating different sounds using different synths and seeing how they all fit together to convey a sonic story and aura.

I'm really excited to release my first track 'Tree Ritual' which will feature alongside 2 other more ambient tracks of varying genre on an upcoming cassette compilation being put out by ISOLATION TAPES. This act will be brought to the live-sphere once the pandemic has ceased to exist with the help of my DENSE bandmate Sam Heffer beating the skins and my good friend Patrick Clowes of Black Lagoons playing the four string king and I'm really excited to perform Tree Ritual amongst other songs I've been working in a live format with these talented musicians."


Hopefully you enjoyed that video as much as we did but let's see what else our editors have been enjoying this past week:

Luc's pick:

"Heaven" by FEWS

"Another of our treasured Speedy Wunderground's offspring, FEWS revel in "Heaven": a triumphant three and a half minutes of cinematic euphoria. FEWS' competence in making a song represent Heaven in the darkest light is exceptional, detailing that it is merely a place to go to feel lonely. They couple these lyrics with uplifting synthesised melodies, angular guitar chords and an urgency that doesn't disregard the song's heavenly nuance."

Summer's pick:

"Cut Your Hair" music video by Walt Disco & friends

"Glasgow's Walt Disco are proving to everyone that isolation is no excuse for a bad music video. Directed by the band themselves and made with help from Bryan M Ferguson, Ally Scott & Anna Acquroff, they deliver a full 80's workout tape experience, complete with the neon animated graphics and a scene of some of the band members actually doing some jogging on the spot with socks pulled up to their calves. We watch as frontman James Potter sings into a comb, shaves his face, applies makeup and throws all gender norms out the window and I must say it's a delightful experience. "

Varun's pick:

Alternate cover for "You Are OK" by The Maine by Rosie O'Donnell

"Admittedly, I know close to nothing about The Maine or the album that this art was inspired by. What I do know is that I saw it and even though I'm an uncultured dummy who knows nothing about art, I loved it. I asked Rosie (who you can find at @designedbyrosie) to tell me about the piece and she said "I created this piece whilst listening to The Maine’s “You Are OK” album, the entirety of the type is taken from lyrics. Things in the real world right now are dismal and these songs have been constantly keeping me sane, so it’s really just me paying homage to their positive message and trying to spread a little bit of it myself. Recently I’ve been researching and analysing the graphic language of the punk movement so initially this was influenced by zine culture but also found myself drawing inspiration from vintage print for a lot of the details. When I first started out in design, I wanted to work in editorial design but now I’m more music-design based, so this was a nice way of tying the two interests together with my usual gritty aesthetic.""


Once again it has been a fortnight filled with amazing music and to reflect that, we've updated our playlist again with 15 tunes we've loved lately. We got tunes from big hitters like IDLES and DITZ, to upcoming bands like Squid and CLT DRP, and even local favourites like Soft Jocks and English Teacher. This might also be the highest density of uppercase band names we've had yet if anyone is keeping track of that!


Goodbyes are so hard but we must leave you once again. I'm so sorry dear readers but don't fret, for we will return in 7 short days from now with your next installment of artistic and musical goodness. I believe in you, you can hold out until then. Sending lots of love in the meantime.

Stay ugly.


Writing by Summer Crane

Luc Gibbons

& Varun Govil