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We are cooking up a storm in this week's digest, and we hope you like the taste of sweet sweet music, with a side of art and culture! If music really is the food for the ears, culture is food for the heart and art is some eye-candy for dessert, this week is three courses of gourmet British cuisine!



We've decided to change things up this week, and shine a light on something we all feel is important to encourage our readers to focus on.

During a time of general uncertainty we are witnessing many independent businesses crumble under the financial instability that national and local lockdowns are causing. As a result, it's imperative that we come together to support our local independent businesses so as to preserve the livelihoods of the people who depend on it; owners and customers alike. So if you live in Leeds and you're looking for a place to start, please read below and give it a follow! (You can also submit your own business to be included on the list!)

Browse the #BUYLEEDS Indie Directory here!

Alternatively, you can purchase an 'Open Gift Card' for your friends, family and Secret Santa victims! The gift card allows you to spend your hard-earned cash in beautiful hard-working local businesses, as opposed to other gift card options which are mostly spendable in chain stores. A hefty amount of Leeds businesses have already signed up to accept the card, including DRAB favourite Hyde Park Book Club, and our fingers are crossed that many more will join!

Discover where you can spend your card and purchase one here!


Every week, each of our three editors pick one thing they've loved this past week. Find out what they've loved this time round:

Luc's pick:

"Sparky" by Nuha Ruby Ra

""What a delightful discovery," I would have yelled having stumbled upon this great new addition to my playlist, if I were so articulate. It was probably something more like "Check this out Summer, this shit fucks!" It is a pleasure, excusing my initial reaction, to bring to you Nuha Ruby Ra, with her 4th single: the marvellous "Sparky". In her career thus far, the well-versed avant-punk artist Nuha Ruby Ra secures the genre a more prominent place in the ears of East Londoners and tastefully channels the predecessors of the scene's excellently experimental history. Whilst trying my best not to be that dude who relates a current artist's works to those of previous artists, "Sparky" deserves credit for exploring the fundamentals of art-punk that were initially constructed by the architects of my all-time favourite genre such as The Velvet Underground and The Stooges. So without further introduction, get cracking on Nuha Ruby Ra's portfolio as we wait eagerly for more, a rumoured EP release on the 5th of March next year!"

For fans of: Black Country, New Road, PVA and Sinead O Brien.

Summer's pick:

Sunny Bank Mills Online Gallery Shop

"In the same vein as this weeks spotlight, I wanted to choose some gorgeous art that you can purchase from independent artists. From candleholders to collagraph prints and scarves to sewing kits, there's something for everyone in this thoughtfully curated catalogue of artists and makers work. Perfect to peruse for Christmas gifts, Sunny Bank Mills has got you covered this Amazon-avoiding holiday season."

For fans of: Supporting independent artists and businesses, handmade jewellery, ceramics and more

Varun's pick:

"Sexbomb" by Sir Tom Jones and Mousse T.

"Usually in our weekly picks we try and highlight a recent release or something of relevance. Bucking that trend, I'm taking things back about two decades to the finest Welsh man, Sir Tom Jones, and his best hit "Sexbomb". Soulful, funky, and dare I say scrumptious, the track is everything you need to warm your soul as we start to go into winter. Play this track loud and feel like the sex bomb that you know you are!"

For fans of: Sir, Tom, Jones


Last week we once again updated our ever wonderful DRABsounds playlist with fifteen new tracks that we've been loving. With one more week before we once again refresh the playlist, check it out to find artists like Do Nothing, Pom Poko, and SLANT. Listen here x

Glad you're still sticking with us each week. Till next time,

Stay ugly,