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Over here at the DRAB offices, we've been busy celebrating Valentine's Day and getting re-obsessed with Minecraft. Clearly living life exactly as our 12-year-old selves would have wanted! Nonetheless, though, we've managed to keep up with the ever hectic world of music and art so that we can supply you with our best recommendations and playlists!


Our featured artist for this week is Darren Shaddick and their sketch Head & Hands.

"Hello I’m Darren, an Illustrator and Graphic Designer from the South West.

This image is a few sketchbook pages I decided to jazz up a bit by adding my favourite colours.

I have recently rediscovered my love for combining analog and digital processes, and in recent weeks I have been exploring that a lot more.

I like to draw whatever comes to mind in the moment and play with different compositions and colour combinations."

You can see more of Darren's brilliant art on Instagram at @darren.shaddick or online at darrenshaddick.co.uk.


Curious what our editors have been enjoying this week? Well here's where you find out:

Luc's pick:

"Strong Feelings" by Dry Cleaning

"The big smoke ironically send us up some refreshing air waves yet again as South London's Dry Cleaning make another installation to the battering ram that UK post-punk. Their recent single "Strong Feelings" features their staple pulsating bass-lines droning over a groovier beat supported by an 80's-esque programmed drum machine. Minimalist guitar lines interweave and reverberate through the rumbling platform created by the bass and drums. The production of "Strong Feelings" was administered by John Parish of Rockfield Studios in Wales which is likely the cause of its finesse. These guys are ace and you should check them out in time for their new album due on the second of April so forget your calendar, scratch it into your wallpaper!"

For fans of: Boy Harsher, Sorry, Silverbacks

Summer's pick:

"Gaslight" by Bitch Falcon

"Crunchy, blaring guitar and whiny Ellie Rowsell-esque vocals kick off this track that seems to be a meld of genres that work wonders together. They appear on CLT DRP's Without the Eyes (Remixes) album, having had CLT DRP also remix a song of their own, Martyr, and both songs are worth a listen as much as the track below. I'll definitely be keeping my eye on Bitch Falcon and I can't wait to see what else they put out."

For fans of: Black Honey, Clt Drp, Deftones

Varun's pick:

When the Day Leaves by Valley Maker

"South Carolinian Austin Crane's project Valley Maker is a new favourite of mine and one I knew from the first play would charm anyone who took the time to listen to him. With an anxious intimacy, Valley Maker's latest album When The Day Leaves will feel instantly familiar to anyone to anyone who enjoys Kurt Vile, or Big Thief. Voices brimming with emotion and gentle instrumentation underscore much of the indie-folk sounds on the LP leaving you feeling as if you are sat at the ends of the earth in Crane's heart. With half the world faced with isolation, When The Day Leaves has arrived at the perfect time to score our days."

For fans of: Kurt Vile, Big Thief, The War On Drugs


Once again it is time for us to present 15 new tracks that we've been loving. Expect tracks from Talk Show, Mattiel and Cherry Glazerr. Listen here x

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