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DRAB got its start during the first national lockdown earlier this year, so it should come as no surprise that we're not letting the second lockdown slow us down! We hope you're all managing to keep safe and secure, but in the event that you need a pick me up, we're marking the digests 21st birthday with a selection of music, art, and culture worth celebrating! (And all with a snazzy new website! Oooooh)


Our featured artist this week is Izzy Currie 'fatyarnart' and her piece "SPIRIT JESSICA".

"Izzy Currie has a multidisciplinary practice, involving installation, film and performance, that aims to formally challenge the contemporary socio-cultural hegemony by exploring the way we think about, discover and interact within the traditional setting of art. Her current work, The Abject Comedy, is a collaboration project that focuses on turning abject current events into surrealist comedy sketches through the use of liminal performance. Pictured is the "Spirit Jessica" necklace that was made with the intention of developing The Abject Comedy’s narrative."

You can find more of Izzy's work over on Instagram @fatyarnart


Let's get lockdown started with some refined, tasteful selections of what the world has to offer:

Luc's pick:

"Bureau De Fatigue" by Laundromat

"Brighton-based Laundromat first piqued my interest following his second release: the single "Slow Clap" and since then has laid thick foundations in my fascination for lo-fi recordings and experimental bedroom music. The genius behind the melodious riff-based project is motion picture enthusiast Toby Hayes, who's Spotify 'About' page tells us home recordings and cultivated beats are a staple inspiration of his. Since the latest instalment to his arsenal "Bureau de Fatigue", Hayes has received well-deserved praise and inclusion to a grand total of six Spotify playlists. However, remember children: Bandcamp over Spotify! This is an especially important reminder in today's day and age and is made even more tempting what with Laundromat's forthcoming "Green EP" featuring 2 new songs, which you can preorder from Bandcamp below! I look forward to hearing more from Laundromat, since lockdown will award him ample time and setting to get cooking something tasty!"

For fans of: Beak>, The Cool Greenhouse, The Wants, Sinead O Brien

Summer's pick:

His House directed by Remi Weekes

"Available to watch now on Netflix, His House is a beautifully horrific and eye-opening tale following a refugee couple, Rial and Bol, through their adjustment (or lack thereof) to a dilapidated house in England. Things quickly go awry once the lights go out and the horrors of their past float to the surface, and we are forced to witness the pair's descent into perceived madness, denial and terror. An incredible take on a horror and refugee story, this film will stay with you long after the end credits."

For fans of: Get Out, Us, I'm Thinking of Ending Things

Varun's pick:

"Fever" by Lime

"One of Brighton's new breed of rising stars, the funky indie four-piece Lime have been making serious waves since their first single "Surf N Turf" dropped earlier this year. Now with their second single, "Fever," the group are continuing to prove their consistent devotion to high quality songwriting. Making the best sort of indie, the kind influenced deeply by funk and disco grooves, Lime put together punchy drums, moody yet playful guitars, and quirky, memorable vocal lines into a tight package all tied together with the addition of an airy sax performance. With an appropriately retro yet sleek music video to accompany their second single, check out Lime before they're too big to ignore"

For fans of: Pulp, Courting, Dream Wife


In case you missed it, we've updated our biweekly playlist with artists ranging from Poppy and Lebanon Hanover to Black Country New Road and clipping. all for your enjoyment. Our 15 track playlist will be updated again next week, so check it out and save your favourite tunes while you get the chance. Listen here x

Once again, we have to say goodbye to you. We hope we've left you with something new to check out this week, and that the next month of lockdown goes quickly. Till next time,

Stay ugly,