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We're a dozen digests in now which is a fair bit more than you could count on two hands. What you can count on, though, is that we are going to bring some excellent art, music, and culture into your life that is hopefully new to you!


This week's featured artist is Rosie Wainwright with their piece "Lagkage"

"This image was made as part of @stillherestilllife on Instagram which was created during lockdown as a weekly drawing challenge. My work generally centres around me responding to my surroundings. I'm interested in themes of Northern Identity, change, beauty, mundanity, and the natural world around us which comes through my work. I love collecting things and find it easiest to make my work in the same way, as a collection of imagery."

You can find more of Rosie's incredible work on Instagram @rosiewainwright


Need quick recommendations to make you feel cultured? Our editors have you covered:

Luc's pick:

"The Greyhound" by TRAAMS

"A 9 minute epic, encapsulating simple melancholic melodies strummed incessantly against a noisy backdrop of drums and bass, with simplistic yet gut wrenching lyrics crying out for help, making for a hypnotic experience. Who knew that mine and the band’s shared hometown of Chichester would produce such an interesting musical three-piece!”

Summer's pick:

Rollin' With The Girls

"If you've been living under a rock and somehow haven't heard of Rollin' With The Girls, they are a Yorkshire-based skate collective with a mission to encourage the ladies of Leeds to get on their boards and take up the space they deserve. I had the pleasure of attending one of their meet-ups today for a skate and met Jess, the organiser, who was so friendly, kind and helpful to every single person there! It's such a great way for beginners to feel less intimidated and anxious at parks. If you're a girl in Leeds who skates, wants to skate, or even just wants to make cool skater friends, I definitely recommend following RWTG at @rwtgleeds on Instagram to keep up with everything they do!"

(Also, keep an eye out for a possible RWTG feature here at DRAB in the future!)

Varun's pick:

"Waiting" by Chuck Is a Band

"Megan Benavente is an exciting, yet underrated musician. Part of indie-folk band Pinegrove, and having collaborated with people from Tigers Jaw and Manchester Orchestra, her presence in the indie/emo world feels solidified. In her new solo venture as Chuck Is a Band, she has put together an incredibly satisfying and emotive debut single, "Waiting". Her voice captures the exact emotions needed to convey the song's narrative of falling in love with a person in love with someone else. Backing up her voice are well-produced drums, confident bass parts and the exact right kind of guitar performances you need for this sorta music. I've been listening non-stop for the past week so put on the track if you want a new addiction!"


Every two weeks we curate a diverse mix of tracks - about 5 each from our lovely editors - and this week happens to be the date of the most recent update! This time around we present tunes from Pure Adult, TRAAMS, LUMER, PVA, Alexis Marshall of Daughters fame, and a lot more for your ears to enjoy x Listen here

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