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Should we be skipping this edition of the Digest? I suppose a baker's dozen is a good thing so not all things '13' are bad, huh. It's been a strange week but the world of music and art has not relented so we're here to cover what's caught our eye these past seven days!


This week's featured artist is Jazz Prisciandaro with their piece "Saturday Night at the Pictures"

"Hi! I’m Jazz, an artist/wannabe art historian based in Manchester and Hertfordshire.

This is from a project I was part of that focused on creating an archive about the now closed London Road fire station in Manchester. I usually deal with themes of domesticity and my own personal memories, so it was really great to work with others and their memories and storytelling. This piece is from my series ‘Stories from London Road’. It was inspired by a fireman’s experience of sleeping overnight in a cinema every weekend so he could make it to work on Sundays - for 6 months! I think it’s really important to share these stories in their own words, so all the work in this series uses direct quotes from interviews with ex-residents and firemen. I’ve overlaid these with drawings of Manchester or edited photos of the old fire station, playing with the idea that memories and places can change, and impact or obscure each other over time."

You can find more of Jazz's incredible work on Instagram @jazzprisciandaroart


Here's a quick fix of hand-selected culture for your minds to enjoy:

Luc's pick:

"Copper Mines" by Mothers

"I was spoilt for choice this week, what with some amazing releases from the likes of Blacklisters, our pals Dense and Varun’s pick by Perspex. So I decided to retrieve something from the archive. Mothers are just beautiful. Their music coupled with some vocal delivery that is like having cherub angels pouring melted chocolate into your ear canals is complimentary to any occasion. In particular: looking longingly out of your window when it’s raining heavily and you wish you could be running around in the downpour but you’re too comfy and warm to move. Plus there’s a banging tune playing, which you just can’t afford to miss.”

Summer's pick:

Without the Eyes by Clt Drp

"It'll come as no surprise to long-time readers of DRAB that my pick for this week is the recently released debut album from Brighton based punks Clt Drp. I've been patiently awaiting this release ever since I caught sight of the Instagram-terms-of-service-violating cover art, and I'm thrilled to say that the electro punk trio did not disappoint. If the witty title went over your head, the opening track clears up any and all confusion about the pronunciation of the band's name, and the tracks that follow are everything I wanted them to be and more. The closing song stuck out most to me; I can feel that they drew inspiration from new places yet it's still so quintessentially Clt Drp. It's been a while since I've wanted to run around raving to every single person I know about a band, but it feels good to have that feeling back."

If like Summer, you're a fan of Clt Drp, why not check out the interview she did with them back in May!

Varun's pick:

"Big Cash Child" by Perspex

"York's finest post-punkers have moved to Leeds and have put out a new single to help everyone in the city get reacquainted with them. Sardonic, and comedic, the track is a fun journey into the pitfalls of influencer culture. Maybe I'm failing at my job as a writer, but there isn't much to say about the single other than it's a treat to listen to, and if you're a fan of bands like Bull, Mush, or any indie tinged post-punk, you'll have a good time with this track."


If you missed it last week, we once again updated our DRAB playlist. Featuring music from Sneaks, Working Men's Club, Bootblacks, and a heck of a lot more, it's a convenient way to find the newest, most exciting, diverse range of new, alternative music x Listen here

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