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Ten feels like a milestone for some reason, doesn't it? Or maybe that's just us. Well either way, regardless of the significance, we once again have some sick art and great picks from our editors!


This week's featured artist is Rachel Sved.

"Rachel Sved is an Edinburgh based artist who graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2019. Her practice draws on imagery surrounding artificial life, creation mythology and obsolete reproductive theory. In her drawings she depicts synthetic approximations of people running amok in abandoned laboratories, their neglectful creators long gone, and the windows and doors boarded up. The hairless humanoids shatter bulbous test tubes, take sanctuary in jars filled with vernix-like goo, discover fire in the form of the Bunsen burner’s flame and continue the abandoned experiment, incestuously reinventing themselves over and over again."

You can find more hairless humanoids on Rachel's Instagram @rachel.sved


Wondering what we've been enjoying this week? Want some quick snappy recommendations? Well see what our stunning editors have picked for their weekly highlight:

Luc's pick:

"Gridlock" by Vintage Crop

"Sitting comfortably amongst similar style artists from America such as Uranium Club and and here in the UK with the likes of Shakamoto Investigation, whose recent EP I reviewed (yeesh I really am a man of particular taste), Australian janky post-punk quadruplets deliver a soothing ear plug to the repetitively melancholic climate in which the world still lingers. A great testament to the revival of the punk genre, and clear example of expertise in their field. Don't believe me? Have a listen for yourself in our newly refreshed bi-weekly playlist DRAB Sounds!"

Summer's pick:

"Tell Sigourney Weaver I Want My Jacket Back" by Peachole

"If you played me this song with zero context I'd assume it was made by a painfully cool underground riot grrrl band in the 90's. The fact that it was actually made by one painfully cool teenage girl in 2019 absolutely blows my mind. The vocals give me Kathleen Hanna if she were somehow even more bored and pissed off and the instrumentals are reminiscent of the Scott Pilgrim soundtrack (which is the highest praise from me). The two come together to form a song that makes me wanna put on platforms, get a tattoo, dye my hair and flip off my mom. My mum better watch out because I've had this on repeat."

Varun's pick:

Live at Mabgate Bleach by Pop Vulture

"There's probably some form of conflict of interest going in with me picking this, what with me being the only editor at DRAB not involved with this project but even putting that aside, this is a fantastic EP recorded at an equally fantastic venue. Recorded earlier this year at Mabgate Bleach, this is the first available recording of the most exciting Leeds post-punk band, Pop Vulture. Somehow equal parts noisy and catchy, the EP is a stunningly edgy synthesis of the various currents of punk music occupying the British musical landscape. More impressively though, the recording manages to capture the quality of a studio performance with the energy of a live show and I'm not just saying that because you can hear me woo at the start of a track. If you want to hear more of my thoughts on Pop Vulture, along with Ditz, Belk, and Soft Jocks, then you can check out the very first review I ever did for DRAB! You can also find the EP on Bandcamp to hear Luc's drumming and singing, and to see Summer's amazing cover art."


Are you wondering whether you'll be able to find roughly 15 amazing tracks all in one place, finely curated by an amazing team of editors? Well, wonder no more because that's exactly what you've found! We got tunes from DENSE, Billy Nomates, The Shacks, and a lot lot more!

That's all from us this week. We got some great stuff for you to check out and we're going to keep bringing you what we think is the best in alternative music so stay tuned and feel free to join our mailing list!

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