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Y'all had a good week? Well it's about to get way gooderer because we're gonna throw some sick art and music at you for you to check out! We've done it 16 times now so hopefully, we have the knack for it by now x


We are delighted this week to feature the work of Faye Rita Robinson with their piece 'Drain the Cup'

"Hello, I’m Faye! I began painting under a year ago as a form of art therapy. Through the painting of hellish imagery and demonic figures I channel my experiences of sleep paralysis and explore my mental health journey. 

Through my work I draw on themes of medieval mysticism and work to create an experienced sense of dread similarly to that present in the end of the world imagery of the early ages.

This piece, ‘Drain the Cup’, is inspired by the idea of temptation, treachery and the many forms it comes in. "

You can find more of Faye's work on Instagram @fr_robinson


Three editors, three picks, perfectly chosen:

Luc's pick:

"Drowning in Blessings" by Sinead O Brien

"Drowning in Blessings is an EP, written by trippy indie punk ruler Sinead O Brien, featuring a collection of recently released singles with the addition of "Most Modern Painting". The 4 track EP is a twisted knot of chugging guitars draped over scuttling drum beats that grasps the listener in her eerie yet bewitching style. O Brien's unique vocal delivery continues in its awkward and compelling delivery that leaves the listener entranced in her hypnotic command, and "Drowning in Blessings" is a testament to this expert control. In this EP you are in her playground, and you can tell how much fun O Brien has in songs like "Fall With Me" when she sings "Let me take you further". Feel yourself captivated by Sinead O Brien and sacrifice yourself to her in this cunning EP."

For fans of: Do Nothing, Dry Cleaning, The Cool Greenhouse

Summer's pick:

"Fleurs Du Mal" by Julia Bondar

"A song that wouldn't feel out of place on the soundtrack of an art house feminist horror flick, "Fleurs Du Mal" conjures images from one of my favourite pieces of French cinema 'RAW'. Made by a Ukranian born, Barcelona based artist, with the namesake of a French poetry book, this pick is taking more liberties than usual with how we define DRAB, yet the convulsing, hypnotic bass and extraterrestrial synth paired with the contemporary nature of the track most definitely warrants a feature on the digest."

For fans of: Boy Harsher, St. Vincent, CLT DRP

Varun's pick:

"Painting" by Inside The Ghost House

"A noisy, discordant meeting point of free improvised Jazz and transcendental Black Metal, the debut single by Leeds drummer Jonathan Lodder is perhaps the track most emblematic of my music taste. Largely based around aggressive Lightning Bolt-esque drumming, "Painting" folds in hovering synths and atonal, processed violins (both performed and written/improvised by Florence Rutherford-Jones) resulting in a hard-hitting two minutes and 47 seconds of music that draws you in and holds you down under its grasp. Truth be told if you're not a fan of noise, Inside The Ghost House won't be for you but if you're feeling up to seeing eye to eye with abrasion, then you must check out this track."

For fans of: Liturgy, Lightning Bolt, Scalping


Yes, that's right, it's that time where we say out with the old, and in with the new! We hope you kept hold of your favourites from last fortnight's playlist, and do the same with this weeks!

Right, that's enough for you, we don't wanna spoil you after all! Be sure to follow us through the week for more music, art and culture. For those of you starting university this week, a warm good luck and we hope you find us next week for some stress-relieving recommendations!

Stay ugly,