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That's right baby: we're back! After a short break using our platform for a more pressing cause- we're back to a "new normal" approach to our broadcasting. And if you hate the saying "new normal" as much as we do here at DRAB, then be prepared for us NEVER to use it again. Anyway, this week we have a neatly packed addition to our digest portfolio, the DRAB classic: our featured artist, the editor's picks and a new playlist full of great tuneage! So get ready to party like it's 2019 when we thought things couldn't get any worse! Woohoo!


This week's featured artist is Jasmine Lewis-Henman with her piece 'Let Him Decay'.

"Hello I'm Jasmine, I'm an illustrator and animator based in Leeds. 

This risograph print was designed for a workshop with the wonderful @footprintworkerscoop. It was inspired by this old 19th century dog skeleton I found at Leeds Discovery Center, a massive warehouse full of old artefacts that are kinda frozen in time - not decaying but seemed like one touch could send it crumbling into dust. It felt unnatural for the same human hands that kept this preserved could also break it in seconds. The themes of death and time have cropped up in my work a lot since this print (especially rn when time is particularly backwards), and the image of the hand representing the self/people. I like to play around with complex themes and tell them simply, but ultimately the interpretation is up to you. So feel free to ignore everything you've just read, it's whatever you fancy.

You can find more of Jasmine's work on Instagram @jlh_illustrations


Now let's take some time to show off our eclectic and diverse music tastes over here to care for our egos:

Luc's pick:

"Tunnel Vision" by Crack Cloud

"A few weeks out of the game, I felt an obligation to pick something BIG to get us back in full swing. And boy did Crack Cloud provide. Needing no introduction, Crack Cloud throw at us another jarring tune from their gleaming collection of nick-nacks in song form to fill our boots. Oh and you can't afford to miss the music video."

Summer's pick:

"Dear Daddy" by Ghösh

"I discovered this song during our hiatus (through Varun - he is behind anything good on DRAB) and have had it on repeat ever since. If you follow our Instagram, chances are you've heard it already and are sick of having it shoved in your face, but honestly it is warranted. I'd go so far as to say it is generation Z's 'Fuck Tha Police'. 10/10 would recommend blasting this from your speakers next time you drive through your aunt's racist neighbourhood."

Varun's pick:


"Just before we went on our hiatus I was incredibly excited to feature artifactKIN's fantastic S/T debut album in our weekly digest but then we took a pause and I never really got the chance. Their ambient experimental dubstep stylings aren't really the kinda stuff we would normally talk about in the pages of DRAB, but hey once a week I get to pick anything I want to feature and the Leeds based producer's music definitely deserves to be featured. Since the album is a few weeks old now (but definitely still worth your time) I thought I'd share his more recent output, an outtake from the album. It's a lot of things: post-dubstep, IDM, vaporwave, but most importantly it's gorgeous and so deeply captivating. I know this is fairly different from most things DRAB, but good music is good music at the end of the day so check it out if you can."

Before we part ways until our next instalment let me introduce you to our good old friend: "DRAB sounds" full of some new music to fill your ear canals!

Sorry folks, that's ya lot! Nope, no more, finished, finito, le fin! See you next week (with a new playlist- I know we're spoiling you now!)