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Welcome back to the weekly digest! We've had some wordy articles this week ey? What a load of nonsense - who cares about all that? WE! WANT! PICTURES! (AND VIDEOS! AND MUSIC!) Well reader, I'm here to satisfy your needs. This week we've got art from an LCoM Film Music student, more song recommendations from our gorgeous team of editors (no bias here) and a whole new set of tunes for you in the DRAB sounds playlist.


Whilst our website is crawling with music reviews and interviews - we're also here to show you some awesome visual art!

This weeks featured artist is Abi Brunner with her piece 'Negative Space'.

"I started my research [for this piece] by looking at the spaces around me, including my daily commute on the tube and looking at the negative space between the people on the train and began to focus on filling up negative space in a physical way. Having gone through the process of shoving all the pillows and duvets in my house into a tiny bathroom (much to my mum's dismay), I went on to look at the contradiction that the comfort and softness of pillows hold by experimenting with plaster and cement."

You can find more of Abi's art on Instagram @abibrunnerart and @abc.ustoms.


Here's where we briefly recommend to you our favourite piece of media this week, be it from the arts, music or culture genre.

Summers pick:

“Speak to My” by Clt Drp

"Ever since I discovered Clt Drp I’ve been obsessively listening to this track on repeat. An anthem for girls sick of being told how to act, how to look and how to behave; the raw emotion coming through in the vocals paired with the fuzzy, angry instrumentals is addictive. I’ve also added their recent release to our playlist, and keep an eye out for a possible feature with them coming soon.. I told you I was obsessed!"

Luc’s pick:

Melee by Dogleg

"The epitome of everything I love about emo condensed into half an hour of utter anthems. Dogleg are held in high regard by the likes of Pitchfork magazine, and I’m sure Varun and Summer will agree with me that Melee warrants the many positive reviews it has received. When you next feel like unapologetically wailing along to blasting music so loud a few windows are shattered in the process, let this album be your weapon of choice."

Varun’s pick:

“Oh Why” by Honey Guide

"A far cry from the ugliness that DRAB is all about, the debut single from Honey Guide is just so endearingly beautiful that I had to talk about it somewhere. When you listen to the tune, it feels like every problem in your life will melt away and that there really isn’t anything to worry about. If you want to feel good, listen to Honey Guide and peep the lovely cover art by Ewan Barr of Fehlt fame who we had the pleasure of interviewing this past week!"


Every other week we update our 'DRAB sounds' playlist with new releases from Leeds and beyond, plus some tunes we’ve all just been enjoying anyway. We try to keep it short and packed with tunes we think deserve some attention so check it out! This time around we have the likes of Green Gardens, Roxy Girls, and LICE, plus many more great bands and tracks.


That just about wraps up this Sunday's weekly digest. Join us next week where we'll have more art, music and our very first 'Mum Review' waiting for you; be sure to return so you can find out what the hell that means. We hope you’ve all had a great week and are keeping safe and healthy!

Stay ugly.


Writing by Summer Crane, Varun Govil and Luc Gibbons