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Somehow we're still going despite the temptations of spending all our time in the summer sun. Though no matter how fun the sun is, spreading the word about amazing art and music is even better so we won't rest! This week we present to you an updated playlist, stunning illustrations, and the finest music Leeds has to offer.


This week's featured artist is Zoё Beckley with their piece "Tree Fellows".

"Hello! I’m Zoё, an illustrator and bookmaker currently based between Suffolk and Leeds. Much of my work is often the product of exploring storytelling and narratives via a lens of surreal and critical mundanity.

These pieces were originally created as part of a response to Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s short story ‘The Giant Wistaria’, emulating the humanoid personification of plants as written in her text. There’s something about botanical horror stories I’m fascinated by and as a result, I’m intrigued by how I can play around with these inverted worlds and illustrate a (probably…) impossible scenario."

You can find more of Zoё's work on Instagram @zb_illustration.


Want a quick update on what our editors have been enjoying lately? Well then this is the section for you:

Luc's pick:

"Cellophane (FKA Twigs cover)" by The Murder Capital, music video by Alex Grigg

"This. Is. Just. Very. Good. From the song's original composition, to the genius adaptation by an all-time favourite band of mine, to the gorgeous animation created by Alex Grigg- everything culminates into an eccentrically soothing experience. To think this was a cover, was recorded live, and that the visuals were appropriated from a larger project (which you should definitely check out @ "Born in a Void") leaves scope to 'continue the journey' and find more. I invite you to do so."

Summer's pick:

"Fixer Upper" by Yard Act

"On Monday, Leeds' very own Yard Act delivered this deliciously satirical post-punk track right to our doorsteps. The lyrics detail a one sided conversation between Graham, a bloke who's just bought a second property which is a bit of a 'fixer upper', and the neighbours. He 'can't stand old shite', can't pronounce the previous owners name, and swears he's completely unbothered by the Polish builders. The song conjures up images of sweaty gammon-faced men in your favourite local EDL supporters lounge, and allows you to laugh at their ignorance. With this track coming after their brilliant debut The Trapper's Pelts, Yard Act are really beginning to solidify their sound and make a name for themselves not just in the Leeds scene, but in the post-punk scene as a whole."

Varun's pick:

"The Treacle Trap Door" by English Teacher

"There are three things I can confidently say I love: English Teacher and their unique brand of art rock, Leeds and every band that sees it as their home, and Come Play With Me for continuously supporting artists through their series of singles they've put out and their new compilation album, Come Stay With Me, that brings together so many of Leeds's finest musicians. While there are loads of tracks on the compilation that warrant attention, none stand as strong as English Teacher's contribution to the album. Beautiful, driving, and charming, it is everything I want right now."


Making playlists are surprisingly fun and there's been a lot of fun music to listen to. From Leeds's finest compilation album, Come Stay With Me, to amazing new singles from Yard Act and CLT DRP there's a lot to listen to. If those sorts of names interest you then check out our latest collection of tracks so you can also hear from acts like Dos Monos and Injury Reserve, Public Practice, and LIIEK.

Have you found something new to enjoy this week from us? We certainly hope you have because that's kind of our job! As always, if you're an artist, a musician, or really anyone doing anything interesting, don't hesitate to reach out to us with your work so we can share it with the world!

Stay ugly,