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Nineteen ey? Our baby's growing up so fast! Nevertheless, we'll try our darnedest to keep up with the times and continue to deliver on our promise of the best music and art in Leeds and beyond. I guess you could say we're kind of like a punk Deliveroo, except absolutely nothing like that at all.


This week we bring you back to black and white with some incredible editorial photography from Maisie Shelbourne.

"I'm in my first year studying fashion photography and find I am often drawn to reflecting concepts that mirror current society and personal relationships within my work. I took this image of my housemate in our bathroom. It was taken as part of an ongoing exploration into the way in which lockdown has affected how students form relationships and support systems in alien and isolating circumstances, with both mental and physical restrictions in place. "

You can find more of Maisie's work over on Instagram @maisiekateshel


Our current favourites, released unto you in a brief, exuberant fashion:

Luc's pick:

"Drones" by Sprints

"This is, and I don't say this lightly, a 3 minute masterpiece. Stitching together grumbling feedback tones, with some very sour guitar janks, you can prepare to be put on edge by Sprints as they trap you in their grasp. Drones is an attack on all the senses, orchestrated in a way I haven't heard executed since I heard my first Girl Band song. There's not much to say, other than give it a listen, add it to your playlist, and listen again!"

For fans of: Girl Band, Le Tigre, DITZ

Summer's pick:

BELK hand painted CD

"If you've been a long-term reader of DRAB, you may remember one of our very first reviews of BELK's self-titled debut EP. The boys of BELK return to DRAB once again in the form of a recommendation. They've taken the time to painstakingly produce 30 copies of the EP on CD, each with a unique artwork and personal note. What's not to love there?? Get yours today here before they're all gone!!"

For fans of: CD's, great art & BELK

Varun's pick:

"Torpid" by Shift

"Very noisy. Very Good"

For fans of: Noise


OMG new update!!!!! This week we feature the likes of Viagra Boys, USA Nails and Gustaf amongst many more incredible artists. Listen here x

Ay, that was a good set of recommendations wasn't it? If you disagree, try the punk Uber Eats next time. (Or just tune into next weeks digest where we'll have a whole new list of content for ya!)

Stay ugly,