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Updated: May 17, 2020

Good evening once again you lovely people! I currently have the smell of a roast dinner wafting around my house and am eagerly awaiting the lockdown announcement - let's hope for some good news! To tide you over until then, why not give our much loved Weekly Digest a read? We've got more art, more music, and a very special music video premiere from Leeds best 'bubblegum punk' trio Soft Jocks... exciting stuff!!!


Let's not kid ourselves, we all know why you're here - for the pictures!

This weeks featured artist is Lucie Ama Turton, bringing you a beautiful collage titled 'Conventions of Masculinity'.

"This is a final collage created with my final prints visualised for formal couture menswear. The project was trend focused, looking at the A/W Phantasmagoria which inspired my project 'Conventions of Masculinity'. As a strong researcher, I found the psychological and current social ideologies to peak my interest in social norms, how we hide behind masks and find escapism through social platforms. The final prints and collage showcase my personal style as well as surreal visuals that express this idea of feeding the toxic multiple conflicting sides to how masculinity is perceived. As a woman, many have asked why men should be in the spotlight and to that I say both sides of the coin must be reviewed and questioned so that as equals we can grow a greater understanding of the not so black and white sides of femininity and masculinity."

You can find more of Lucie's art on Instagram @lucie.a.t


The Weekly Digests continue to be the most fun part of our week and this week we have a really special treat for you and us!

This week we've been given the pleasure of premiering Soft Jocks lyric video in collaboration with artist Mel Banks (@lady_saliva) for their single "Woodlouse" from their EP Socking Dinners out 13/05 !

Soft Jocks, one of our favourite DIY bands, have boosted DRAB's ego immensely. In anticipation of their EP Socking Dinners out this Wednesday 13/05, they not only created a beautiful lyric video but have given DRAB the privilege of premiering it! In their own words:

"Leeds Bubblegum Punk outfit Soft Jocks have got a fresh lyric video coming out. 'Woodlouse' is the story of a mushroom fuelled Freaky Friday scenario playing out between guitarist and vocalist Joel Currie, and a woodlouse crawling around a Texas car park. The video is a collaboration between the band and Leeds artist Mel Banks (@lady_saliva on Instagram).

Woodlouse is taken from the band's upcoming debut EP 'Socking Dinners', to be released 13th May. The record was self-produced at local DIY hotspot Mabgate Bleach and the band's Kirkstall home, along with some extra je ne sais quoi provided by close friend Jay Russell in his Headingley basement. The artwork for the record was made one boring lockdown afternoon when we decided to cut up all the magazines we had at home to pass some time. "

Keep an eye out for our review of the EP coming soon - we're very excited!


Hopefully you enjoyed that video as much as we did but let's see what else our editors have been enjoying this past week:

Luc's pick:

"Lonesum" by Bleach Boy

"Whilst this song might not help you to curb any sort of gloom that you might be experiencing as we come to the end of the seventh week of lockdown, it might be a nice soundtrack to which you can feel delightfully angry at the world. Lonesum is something to scream along to if anything. After seeing Bleach Boy at Wharf Chambers a couple months after this release I can safely say I am counting down the days until I can kick it with them again."

Summer's pick:

"Cry Baby Cry" by PROM

"I love everything this band has ever come out with - unfortunately though that isn't much, and I may be wrong but I think they disbanded a couple of years ago. Still though, that doesn't mean people shouldn't enjoy the great things they put out into the world whilst they were still making music together. PROM if you're reading this - I miss you! (But hope you're doing very well in whatever new ventures you've pursued.)"

Varun's pick:

Family and Friends by owl.

"A few weeks ago we got a message about a 40 track album that was coming out soon each track featuring a different guest on each, including Jean Penne who you're hopefully familiar with by now. I was fairly intrigued because that was quite a behemoth of an undertaking but I found myself really moved when I read that it was in tribute to owl.'s late friend Alex Winspear who had wanted to record music with as many people as possible. All money made from the project will go to The Samaritans so I strongly urge you to check it out over at Bandcamp"


Don't forget to follow DRAB sounds: our playlist jam packed with beautifully ugly noise, updated every two weeks. It's been a fortnight since we last updated it and a whole bunch of real good tunes have come out since. From Fontaines D.C. and Sinead O Brien to local favourites Genie Genie and Bored at my Grandmas House, you can find all sorts of banging tunes.


This is where we'll love you and leave you. Hopefully you've discovered something new you love from today's digest. Keep on doing all these amazing things you're doing so we can keep on featuring em! Hope you guys have had a lovely week and an even better bank holiday weekend. (If not, we're sending you lots of love and hugs and kisses.)

Stay ugly.


Writing by Summer Crane

Luc Gibbons

& Varun Govil