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Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Fun fact about this digest: it's the first digest we've written while all of DRAB are in Leeds. Hopefully, our powers combined will charge this edition with something special otherwise I guess maybe we don't have the chemistry we thought we had :/ We can guarantee, though, that you will find something special this week, whether it be astoundingly charming art, gorgeous music, or fun ways to spend your time!


This week's featured artist is Rosie Reynolds with their piece "Same Ingredients, Different Recipes"

"Inspired by a conversation with my mum about how me and my brother turned out so differently to each other, she said ‘same ingredients, different recipes’. Gross. I was simultaneously thinking about a video I saw years back of people who grow veg in boxes so they are shaped all cubic, and how un-beautiful that really is. My work is very immediate and plays off my thoughts a lot- come and find me at @rosieillu for more thinking out loud!"

Usually here would be where we share where you can find more of Rosie's work but she's beaten us to it. Regardless of who gets to share it, though, you should totally check out her page for more stunning and charming art!


We got taste, questionable as it might be, so here's a little look into what our tastes are:

Luc's pick:

"Alexa!" by The Cool Greenhouse

"I was caught off guard by this release to say the least, since The Cool Greenhouse only released their first album at the end of May this year. I suppose lockdown left Tom Greenhouse and his band with time on their hands and a loneliness that only a digital assistant could remedy. ‘Alexa!’ features even more cunning lyrics peppered with wit, a hint of cockiness and satire that is all utilised to mock a technological world, which perfectly suits The Cool Greenhouse’s motive! There are plenty of opportunities to self-deprecate or merely laugh at the clichés of the upper class in this 4 minute mockery. On top of all of that, The Cool Greenhouse appears to be referencing his original sound from when he was but a solo artist and I can’t say I don’t appreciate the evident U-turn.”

Summer's pick:

A Lovely Beer Garden by Mabgate Bleach

"As one of DRAB's favourite Leeds gigging spots, we've been massively missing this cosy, tight-knit venue. If the feeling is mutual then worry no more; Mabgate Bleach are back and serving great drinks, great tunes and great company (if you're lucky you'll be served by the hugely bubbly Alex Pearson of BELK)! If you're a fan of the music we cover here, you'll love their playlists - and if you've never visited before, it'll give you some time to get acquainted with the place before gigs return. Get yourself down there when it's next on! (Check their Facebook page to see when it's on)

Varun's pick:

"A Different Kind of Happy" by Death Bells

"Every once in a while, I hear a song for the first time and I just know that for the next half a year, I'll be hitting play on it till my fingers are worn down to nubs. A beautiful track at the intersection of post-punk and indie, "A Different Kind of Happy" builds a melancholy front of emotions that overwhelms in the best way. As the vocalist sings, "Despite the uncertainty of life, I wouldn't give up," I can't help imagine a million different scenes of bittersweet hope. To top it all off, a sax solo rips through the track and who doesn't love a good sax solo! It would be a mistake not to listen to "A Different Kind of Happy," so make sure you don't make that mistake."


In need of a 15 track playlist of diverse alternative music? Well, we gotcha covered! Our biweekly playlist got an update today with music from Sevdaliza, Arab Strap, SLIFT, Wax Chattels, and a whole lot more for you to enjoy x Listen here

Wowie this week was good. It's been fun writing this digest with our whole team in Leeds and now that we're back, you'll probably see us pottering about at Brude, Mabgate Bleach Beer Garden, or really any other such pillar of our community. Until next time,

Stay ugly,