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What is UP party people!!!??? I guess DRAB's new voice is now that of a freelance middle-aged DJ? Sorry, I just thought we all needed some cheering up. This week we've got not only your much-anticipated artwork and recommendations but also an unofficial list of 'Isolation Playlists' from some of our favourite artists.


Let us bless your eyes with what the wonderful artists of Leeds and beyond have to offer.

This weeks featured artist is Adda Páls, an illustrator with some screen prints in a beautifully dark, simplistic style.

"My current project is making thoughtful images in response to language and my own experiences. Images that tend to have a calm atmosphere but include dark themes and undertones that tell a different story. I love a simple pen and paper but I always take an interest in taking my work further into process, and experimenting with new ways of making outcomes. Ultimately I wish for my work to speak to people and tell a story."

You can find more of Adda's work on Instagram @addapals.


Time to head over to our editors to see what they have in store for us this week!

Luc's pick:

"Four is the Last Four" by Egyptian Blue

"Here, have a listen to this. What do you hear? That's right. Awesomeness. Egyptian Blue are a seminal integration to my interest in the post-punk revival I am witness to in Leeds. This particular edition in their development came about in a three track EP called Body of Itch, and you should definitely check out the other couple tunes on there, because they are great!"

Summer's pick:

GROUP Font compiled by Raissa Pardini

"If you've been on the lookout for a way to spice up your university dissertation - then look no further! This wacky font, compiled by graphic designer Raissa Pardini, features letters designed by 37 different creatives from all over the world. The font includes two versions of each letter from the alphabet and all profits from it's sale will be donated to the World Health Organisation to help fight Covid-19. It costs £16 to purchase and you can find it here! “Design can be powerful, but even more powerful if it's done together as a group” - Pardini"

Varun's pick:

Luc Gibbons by Sally Garner-Gibbons

"I mean just look at him:

On a more important note though, check out the work Luc's mum Sally does for Chichester Scrubs in making scrubs to help more doctors and NHS workers in Chichester. As we all know, we live in trying times and it is important to help the people who keep our society running so if you have the ability please support them in any way you can, and find similar scrub hubs in places near you."


Everyone and their mother is putting out an 'isolation playlist' at the moment, which is great for discovering new music, but can make it hard to choose which ones to listen to. Well worry not readers, as we've compiled some of our favourite playlists from some of our favourite artists at the moment for you to feast your ears on. Enjoy!

Clt Drp: Stay the f*ck Home

Witch Fever Isolation Jams

Thank: Quarantine Qlassics

Homebodyism, a Spang Sisters soundtrack

The Lounge Society: Cam's Fruity Feelers

Stay Home, Do Nothing

Some great music here cultivated by some great musicians - be sure to check out the music of the artists who created the playlists too, and don't forget to follow the DRAB sounds playlist, updated every two weeks.

That wraps up this weeks digest! Time for me to get back to my daily lockdown routine of talking to the walls and eating exclusively Pot Noodles (not a sponsor). Hoping you're all keeping saner than I and that this read has got your creative juices flowing! Can't wait to see what this next week of art, music and culture has got in store for us all.

Stay ugly.


Writing by Summer Crane