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Hopefully we're still writing coherently in this edition of The Weekly Digest but we fear the current heatwave has melted our collective minds. We can't promise we'll cure sunstroke but our curated collection of cool art and music might help in the meantime.


This week's featured artist is Alice Nutley with their piece "The Janitor".

"I’m Alice, a graphic artist and illustrator (in training) based in Bristol.

This is part of a series of illustrations called ‘The Janitor’ Using bright colours and solid black lines, the drawings play around with the boundaries of ‘comic book style’ boxes. Featuring a cleaner without a face, the scene of an incident is portrayed through the influence of ‘accident scenes’ exemplified in health and safety infographics."

You can find Alice on her Instagram @anutley


Here's what we've enjoyed this past week:

Luc's pick:

"Trans-Human Express" by Go Chi Minh

"Playing the same field as The Cool Greenhouse, Jean Penne and Jockstrap, electronic post-punk outfit Go Chi Minh grasp the ethos of “bad is good” and create an introspective satire on the technological world in which we live. Trans-Human Express playfully bounces around the same repetitive bassline whilst also forming sharp sonic shapes to throw at you: like music from a videogame, this song would be the final boss. ”

Summer's pick:

"Say It Ain't So" cover by Black Country, New Road

"It's no secret that Black Country, New Road ooze a nerdy, 'band-geek' type of coolness, but this has never been truer than in this cover with vocalist Isaac Wood clad in his sunglasses, belting out out of tune lyrics to a Weezer classic. Though voice breaks are scattered through the entirety of the performance, it holds so much character, and there's so much joy to be found in watching the band enjoy themselves. The whole thing makes me even more excited to finally catch them at a live show so I can relish in every voice break in real-time."

Varun's pick:

Excerpts from Beowulf by Wizzardstorm

"It's not often I think about and consume the tales of Beowulf but two things I do often think about are beautiful folk music and the noisy black metal of Wizzardstorm. Now shirking off their black metal cloak, Wizzardstorm have gotten me invested deeply into the aforementioned Old English epic. Set to lush, pastoral folk music that's impressively composed, the extracts from Beowulf in the original Old English take on a new life. While I can't say I'm able to follow along terribly well, I still get to enjoy great music and the feeling that I'm becoming cultured."


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