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It has been a busy few weeks at the DRAB offices recently with most of us moving back up to Leeds again but nonetheless, we are committed to bringing you the best art and music we can find so we've pulled through with our eighth weekly digest. Admittedly, most of the time spent on this was on trying to remember how to spell eighth because it just didn't look right but luckily it'll take you half that time to read through our quick picks!


This week's featured artist is Alice Nancy with her temporary tattoo business, Boss That, in support of #SaveOurVenues.

"Temp tats remind me of being a kid and buying chewing gum I wasn’t even that arsed about just so I could cover myself in the shitty little tattoos that came in the pack and feel like the coolest kid around. They weren’t allowed at school so having one hidden under my cardigan sleeve definitely gave me an edge that I’ve since lost, and I wanted it back. I wanted to be a cool kid again. So I started Boss That, making temp tats for cool cats !

The name comes from Scouse slang. When something’s dead good, we say “tha’s boss tha” and I love my hometown, so it felt proper nice to name the shop after such a Liverpudlian phrase.

This first sheet is inspired by local music, and all the profits are going to #SaveOurVenues. There’s some lyrics from one of my favourite Leeds bands Thank, and pics of Fuzz Lightyear and DITZ taken by Salt in my Shoe, and a few little nods to various parts of the culture of DIY music and being in bands.

The next sheet is dropping next Sunday (19th) at 6pm, and it’s themed around my favourite show, Twin Peaks, so if there’s any fellow Lynch fans out there, this one might be for you !"

If the idea of supporting your favourite venues, wearing your favourite bands on your skin, or even just looking a little bit cooler appeals to you, then check out Boss That on Instagram at @bossthatuk or on their online store!


Short, sweet, and in good taste; our editors' picks are as eclectic and pleasing to the eyes and ears as ever:

Luc's pick:

"Good Old Days" by DEADLETTER

"Ah the good old days! DEADLETTER spin this saying on its head in this song, and a sinister twist injects a sensibility and maturity into this song. Running in at just 2 minutes long, the song doesn't come close to overstaying its welcome, and has left me itching for my next fix of DEADLETTER. This is very promising for their first release."

Summer's pick:

I May Destroy You created by Michaela Coel

"Chances are you’ve been recommended this show already, or have at least heard of it. It’s not exactly a hidden gem but it is so incredibly brilliant I just had to make it my pick this week. The fictional show follows London based writer Arabella and her group of friends as they live through and deal with incidents of sexual assault that take multiple forms. The show brings forward a difficult conversation of how the lines can be blurred when it comes to sexual assault, and how it does indeed take many shapes. We watch how it affects the characters lives and the ways in which they process the incidents, and it’s all portrayed with both drama and humour. Whilst definitely something to be watched with caution if it’s a subject matter that hits close to home, I May Destroy You is the most captivating, original and important piece of TV I’ve seen in a long while."

Varun's pick:

Inner World by the Dalai Lama

"2020 has certainly been a strange year with a lot of unexpected things and so at this point, it shouldn't really be surprising that of all people, the Dalai Lama has dropped an eleven-track LP. The idea of Junelle and Abraham Kunin, the New Zealand couple responsible for the musical content of the album, the project sees the Dalai Lama reciting a series of prayers to soothing musical accompaniment. Maybe it is just the knowledge that there is a deep spiritual meaning behind the songs but no matter the reason, I've found myself truly at peace every time I've hit play on it. These are troubling times, to say the least, so its good to have this musical salve."


It's been two weeks since our last update to the playlist so I suppose it makes sense that we update it again today. You know the drill, 15 amazing tracks that we've enjoyed recently. Put it on shuffle, find some new artists, share them with your friends, look cool and hip :)

So there you have it, folks! We hope you find a few things you love in all that we've talked about in this instalment. As always, stay ugly, and stay safe.