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Tired of all this long writing? Brain hurting from too many big words? Want to just sit back, relax and look at some pictures whilst you switch off your cerebrum? (Sorry for an immediate Big Word but I couldn't say 'brain' twice!) Well then you’re in luck! Welcome to our weekly column where we’ll briefly present to you some easily consumable media in all of it’s Disgusting, Repulsive And Bad glory.


Every week, we'll aim to feature some art to satisfy your ugly soul. Who needs Leeds Art Gallery when you've got DRAB?

This weeks featured artist is Ruby O'Hare with her piece 'Tinder Profiles'.

"Ruby O'Hare is a 19 year old multi-media artist studying in Leeds. Ranging from performance to graphic design, her practice escapes a distinguishable style and aims to satirise and raise questions about society and the human experience. A firm believer of not taking yourself too seriously, she encourages us to never underestimate the importance of humour in the art world. Find her on Instagram @telephonescreamer for more fish and feminism. "


Here's where we briefly recommend to you our favourite piece of media this week, be it from the arts, music or culture genre.

Summer's pick:

New Face by Model/Actriz

"Okay so maybe they’re not Leeds based but who are you, the DRAB police!? We can let this one slide, as I’m sure we can all picture them playing to a room of sweaty, ugly Leeds gig-goers. The ugliness is off the charts with this one; I mean that spelling of ‘actress’ alone - atrocious."

Luc's pick:

Generation Game by The Lounge Society

"Speedy Wunderground, we love you. These guys released this debut track in late March and I’ve listened to it daily since then. What a cracking tune. This label is constantly churning out a consistent source of repulsive magnificence and the cream of the crop this week comes from a stone's throw away: Hebden Bridge. Give it a listen, Leeds..."

Varun's pick:

English Earrings by King Orange

"A few months old at this point but the Hull meets Leeds post-punk band King Orange are one of my favourites. A powerful, husky voice, alongside classic new-wave bass lines is bound to get me roped in, but what really sealed the deal was the final blistering chorus that I could listen to for months on end."

MINI REVIEW: Wharf Chambers

Even during lockdown, we'll try to write you a bite-sized review every week of anything Leeds-oriented. The possibilities are endless! This week its a venue; Wharf Chambers to be precise. Enjoy!

Wharf Chambers is everyone's favourite inclusive venue - or at least mine. Promoting representation of minorities and a variety of music and arts from the city, Wharf Chambers is the place to be on a Leeds evening. If you’ve somehow never visited, here’s a quick review of what to expect.


Bringing an edge to The Calls, Wharf Chambers is located fairly centrally. It’s just around the corner from that one Co-op near the coach station which is great if you’re in need of a pre-gig meal deal (although actually DRAB do NOT endorse Co-op meal deals they kinda suck).


£2.10 for a can of Carlsberg? Yes please! (This might not actually be completely accurate... I’m going off of memory since the country is in lockdown and I can’t actually go visit to fact check. Feel free to correct me on this and call me a big dumb stupid idiot.)


Due to it being a small venue often crammed with lots of people, getting served can take some time, but nothing worse than what you’d usually expect. The bar staff are decked out in DIY haircuts, piercings and chunky shoes (I’m honestly just assuming that last bit, I’m not tall enough to see that far behind the bar) and may seem intimidating, but they look wicked and everything is served with a smile. Some people may find the extreme levels of inclusivity intimidating but if you just don’t be a dick then you’ll probably be fine.


Like myself trying to decide on an outfit to wear in the morning, Wharf Chambers put on just about everything. From yoga to techno, post-punk to bake sales, all types of fun can be found here. Pop in on a random day and see what you get!


As far as I know, they don’t serve food, but I did have some prawn cocktail crisps from there once which were pretty special.


The walls of Wharf are plastered with events posters, stickers and graffiti - only adding to the charm of the place. Be sure to take a trip to the genderless toilets to read musings on the wall (from what I imagine are some undoubtedly brilliant minds) such as ‘Mess but FUN the FOREVER’. Truly inspiring.

(shoutout anna)


Be sure to follow the 'DRAB sounds' playlist - updated every two weeks with fresh tracks straight from The North as well as some other gems tucked in there.


That’s all for this week folks! Tune in next Sunday to see more of what Leeds’ worst has to offer. If you want any of your art, music or anything else featured in the weekly digest or anywhere else on our site don’t be too shy to submit - we’re always looking for the next terribly wonderful or wonderfully terrible thing that we can share with our readers.

Hope you’ve all had a great week!

Stay ugly.


Writing by Summer Crane