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A clear love letter to all things theatrical, Joshua Zero’s latest single “Your Eyes Are Fighting Me” is as expressive as it is expansive.

Joshua Zero is a perpetual nomad. Flitting between London, New York, and Leeds, the young musician has gained a growing appreciation for the world’s stories. On his latest single, the artist is channeling that time in New York specifically to full effect on the theatrical new single “Your Eyes Are Fighting Me”, relaying overheard moments and first-hand experiences from the city. With his varied and experimental vocal deliveries (yes, multiple) Zero feels as if he’s capturing the many voices that swirl around us in any urban environment.

Part Queen, part Andrew Lloyd-Webber, and very much part Strokes, “Your Eyes Are Fighting Me” swirls and jerks between sections at the turn of a dime. At some points ripping with an Indie swelter, and at others tip-toeing with gentle musicality, the track proves itself as having more faces than it lets on. As Zero squeals, speaks, croons, and generally makes noises, it becomes clear that they have much to say and an equally large amount of ways to say what they want. Considering how much has been fit into the three minutes or so of music on this track it will be interesting to see how many more soundscapes Joshua Zero will explore in future endeavors.

Writing by Varun Govil