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Hypnotic and magnetic, Straight Girl returns with their electropunk -meets- wonk pop single, “Limón,” out now on Come Play With Me.

The third single from the Leeds producer and songwriting Holly Readman after they traded in the moniker of N/\L/\ for Straight Girl, “Limón” is the latest addition to the Come Play With Me Single’s club. Continuing to prove the consistently impressive, and wildly eclectic tastes over at the Come Play With Me offices, “Limón” is a perfect snapshot of Leeds from its astounding musicality, its brooding punk undertones, and embrace of dissociative rave.

With the release of "Limón," the fiercely and fearlessly queer Straight Girl further cements their status as an imaginative force of talent. Originally written back in 2017, the track was a response to feelings of self-loathing and dissonance that Readman felt. In their own words, “[they] would imagine [their] head being squeezed like a lemon and feel the horrible, sour, bitter sting of shame pour out.” Capturing those feelings across the track are pulsating synths which pull you in and out of dissociative states. Combined with distant, haunting vocals and the unrelenting energy of the programmed drums, the swirling combination of detachment and rage is infectious and deeply affecting.

With its expansive sounds and deep emotional background, “Limón” feels as if it could carry on for hours on end pulling the listener deeper and deeper into its world. Yet, surprisingly and sadly, at just over three minutes in length, Straight Girl sees it fit to bring their latest single to a close just as it hits its stride. While I can’t help but want lots more of “Limón,” at the very least I can look forward to 2021 to see what more Straight Girl and Come Play With Me come out with.

Writing by Varun Govil

Photography by Andrew Benge