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Updated: May 23, 2020

Furiously revving their engines, The Shakamoto Investigation handbrake turn into the danceable side of punk. They continue their unmatched energy through this upbeat instalment to their portfolio.

If there’s one band that makes me feel out of breath from listening to them, it’s these fellas. A trio of tightly wound bass and guitar lines paired with impellent drum rhythms that embody the feeling of taking a Bugatti Veyron for a joyride. Coupled with screamed vocals that shout at you from all angles, it’s a bombardment on all your senses. “Half Time Draw” encapsulates what it must be like to be at one of their shows, summoning a vivid image of front-flipping off of a dancehall stage into a swarm of buzzcut bastards twisting and flailing like headless chickens. The Shakamoto Investigation paint the perfect new-wave punk aesthetic.

Although they had me head bobbing along whilst writing this article (which I must say has been an awesome display of multitasking) I do think that the lean two and a half minutes might overstay its welcome. The theatrical breakdown section might cause a loss of interest rather than a choreographed dance routine and truth be told the pay off for this build didn’t satisfy the same way it does at the end of their previous release “Dead Already”. Perhaps they could have drawn influence from the earlier single and explored a more interesting breakdown section. This single nonetheless, still carries the weight of an anvil and packs a hell of a punch.

Writing by Luc Gibbons