• Varun Govil


Meant to exist in the scorching heat of the summer, “FOMO” by Leeds six-piece Adult DVD is a charming few minutes of synth-pop goodness.

As we slide out into a post-lockdown world it becomes easy to take for granted just how much happened in the past year and a half since the world shut down. While many felt frozen at best, drowning at worst, some good managed to poke through here and there. For six entrenched members of the Leeds indie circuit the extra time on hand that lockdown provided was exactly what was needed to put back an extra bit of goodness into the world, and so synth-pop group Adult DVD was born. Exchanging ideas and songs across the internet the band formed a charismatic identity that is now on full display on their third single “FOMO”.

Confident drums meet dry basslines as the track starts up giving a solid foundation of danceability a-la LCD Soundsystem. With heaps of charisma, the band's signature synths come in, some pulsing away while others float with elegance before singer Harry Hanson’s soft voice enters. Musing about an inherent contradiction in life - on one hand, needing time alone, on the other, fearing being left behind by those around you- he’s joined by self-affirming background vocals that remind us to “do what you wanna do”. With a confident strut, the track continues stridently only taking a brief but needed pause that signals in blasting drums and a suddenly scorching bassline that propels this track into new heights of energy. With a string of live dates en route “FOMO” is a compelling reason to check out the band wherever you can.

Writing by Varun Govil