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A true display of indie’s captivating power, “Falling Apart” is a bop in the purest sense. The brainchild of songwriter and bassist Louisa McClure, Kairos have created a tune that will linger in your mind for weeks on end.

Artwork for 'Falling Apart'

Admittedly, indie isn’t usually in the type of music that DRAB would have its crosshairs on, particularly in an age where every other local indie band is content being a third rate Wombats. Yet, when you listen to Kairos, there’s no doubt they come from a different league all together. The brainchild of songwriter and bassist Louisa McClure, Kairos knows how to take command of arpeggiated guitar chords, grounded bass lines and seductively laid-back vocals to create tunes that linger in your mind for weeks on end. On their latest single, “Falling Apart,” the band present a refinement of their distinct sound.

From the moment the track starts, with its bouncy, syncopated guitars and purposeful bass line, you can’t help but fall into its grooving momentum. The track’s captivating appeal only grows when vocalist Amy Rhodes Johnson enters the mix, as her effortless vocals feel like they could draw in even the most detached listener around. This quality of her voice becomes more apparent on subsequent verses as the guitars follow and play around every syllable that exits her, almost as if they can’t help but fall to her presence. In many ways, with its many intricate voices, “Falling Apart” feels like a collection of jigsaw pieces that when put together reveal the ideal image of what an indie bop should be.

Writing by Varun Govil

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