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“Dirtier” demonstrates no deviance in Roxy Girls’ delightfully dirty drive.

Roxy Girls are an up and coming driving force in revolutionising guitar music, whilst maintaining a retro songwriting approach. “Dirtier” is characteristic of their style, featuring sing-along vocal breaks that satisfy the tension built by the mathematically syncopated accompaniment. A typical component to their style is the routine-like instrumental breaks that turn every venue to a dance hall, followed by rewarding those who move with equally infectious lyrics asking to be screamed back by their breathless fans. “Dirtier” shows no reluctance to this ritual.

Whilst new listeners may judge their playing as messy or sloppy, Roxy Girls have never ceased to amaze me with their capability to wonkily waddle around the beat of their own music like synchronised clockwork. They deliberately downplay their ability with some playful modesty that is commendable. It comes as no shock that they have decided to continue this tradition and link a more introspective lyrical narrative to this consciously out-of-time accompaniment. In other words, they capture the rock ethos of letting technical efficiency fall to the wayside in an effort to deliver a fearfully relevant message.

Unironically, the band’s portfolio up until now has been somewhat cleaner than “Dirtier”, and this single is arguably a step in the right direction for the band. No intricacies are sacrificed in the “beefing up” of this release. By that I mean you won’t miss a rhythmically plucked musical interlude, you won’t be longing for the guitar and vocal effects that make every song up until now feel like a slap in the chops, and you certainly won’t find yourself underwhelmed by this song… I know I wasn’t.

Apart from their recorded works, the band are funny characters and parade a ‘coolness’ in their stage personas that can only be described as lanky, baggy and sincerely confident. I’m unapologetic to admit I searched tirelessly after their set at Brudenell Social Club to ‘Sweet set, can I get a T-shirt?’ them, after going weak at the knees for their stage presence. They just are cool guys. Live, they only played a light peppering of their plethora of released work, instead choosing a setlist showcasing their upcoming releases. This taste for blood, in addition to the new single, raises my suspicion for a new album, which I’m almost certain I’ll overhype. Nonetheless, I am here to say you should all prepare for your expectations to be exceeded whilst listening to their new single, “Dirtier”.

Writing by Luc Gibbons