• Varun Govil


Industrial post-punk is the name of the game on Ditz’s latest single.

Steadily building up a penchant for being one of Britain’s most forward-thinking guitar bands, Brighton’s Ditz have repeatedly proven that their meld of brooding post-punk and hardcore influenced noise-rock is an enchantingly cathartic concoction. With abrasive, high-octane instrumentals backing cult-leader-like singer Cal Francis’s socially aware and menacingly reserved performances, the five-piece somehow tread the line of brutish machismo and sharp cognizance effortlessly. On “Ded Würst, their most recent single, the group continue their tightrope walk with an industrial lashing out against soul-crushing subsistence employment.

Giving us the first taste for their forthcoming debut album, Ditz venture deeper into the murky territories of industrial dance inspired music. With an agile skeleton holding up the short runtime, the track alternates swiftly between two anxious passages of sonic claustrophobia. At times seeming like an underground techno club sampled and slowed down, at others a construction site at full blast, “Ded Würst” is an agitated and evocative portrait of the bottom rungs of capitalist existence. While notably more oppressive than cathartic, there is certainly a masochist pleasure in coming back to the latest sermon from the band.

"Ded Würst" is out now on Alcopop Records. Stream the single now:

Words by Varun Govil