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Boy, am I eager for this one. That’s right, Do Nothing have dropped another bombshell and this time in extended length. This box of tricks is jam-packed with sing-along melodies, delicate airy guitar chords and thumpy bass and drum syncopation. Ladies and gentleman, for your delectation I present Zero Dollar Bill.

Artwork by Steph Dutton

It was when I heard their single “Fits” on Radio 6 Music that I thanked myself for having already self-proclaimed myself a Do Nothing superfan. Admittedly, I had been drunkenly boasting about my adoration of this band to an extent that may have tarnished expectation for those who unwillingly listened. However, for those of you who are fans of Sorry or Girl Band, you can call this EP a love child of the two, and kick my overzealous promotion into touch.

I’ve spent weeks limbering up for Do Nothing’s first extended play, and yet the quality of the 4 guys’ craft has exceeded my expectations. My sweat bands were soaked following their singles “Lebron James” and “Fits”, and with the addition of “Comedy Gold”, ‘New Life” and “Contraband”, this 5 track EP has left my taste buds tingling. Each song encompasses their familiar explosive choruses, coupled with verses of abstract anecdotes, and walks you down musical avenues that make you question what decade you’re living in.

Made so memorable are Chris Bailey’s lyrics, by his satirical flow of relatable self-deprecation. Transitioning from spoken word to gentle catchy melodies before you even notice, his unique delivery captivates us as an audience and leaves us playing catch-up. Each song is like a game, yet not inaccessible in their complexity. Do Nothing like to tease us listeners but satisfy our wants and needs with climactic choruses that pay-off every time you hear them.

The surrounding musical architecture ascribes a colourful collision of textures to Chris's brash showmanship. Do Nothing place you in a cigarette-smoke filled 80s hatchback driving down a faint sunset-lit country road. On a summer’s dusk, your friends chant ‘It all fits!’ through the sunroof as the sepia-tone camera-shot pans through the trees. It may be cheesy, but by Jove it feels good.

Writing by Luc Gibbons

P.S. Keep an eye out for an exclusive DRAB interview with Steph Dutton, the genius behind the artwork for Zero Dollar Bill!