• Luc Gibbons


Fuzz Lightyear offer up their debut EP FUZZ II, perhaps hinting at a prequel to this 4 track grunge meets post-punk extended play, or more likely revealing their vendetta against single digit roman numerals.

Fuzz Lightyear have come a helluva long way since we featured their debut single “Animal” as our debut feature back in March. Following the grizzly single, they have slightly altered trajectory and drawn influence from the blooming post-punk scene that Leeds has to offer. Spare time, being the silver lining of the looming cloud of lockdown, is the most probable explanation for their ability to construct this sonic battering-ram. So let’s begin unpacking this quarter-hour long quadruplet of tunes.

As we take off, the opening track “Pulling Teeth” rumbles and shatters into its various quick changing sections and noisiness. It is an exceptional opener, demonstrating the competence and specialism of these adept instrumentalists and power behind lead singer Ben Parry’s range. As we complete the first circuit of the 4-lap marathon that is Fuzz II we stumble across a remastered version of their beloved single “Animal”. Refined and polished, the re-approach to the mix has sanded each individual splinter of this three and a half minute epic and somehow made it more menacing as a result.

If you’re not exhilarated and exhausted by the halfway mark of the EP, then rest assured you can give your ear canals a moment of TLC as we waltz into "L.F.W.D." Although they might not be playing to a sprint-worthy tempo, that doesn’t take away from the dynamic capabilities of this noisey-as-balls trio. This certainly is a “Little Fucker’s Wet Dream”, and it certainly has absolutely ended me. To close, we have my favourite of the 4 tracks, “The Lovers” and that’s not just because of Parry’s soul-rattling scream 3 minutes in; it’s also owed to Varun Govil’s danceable bass lines, serpent-like interweaving guitar lines and innovative yet disciplined tempo changes effortlessly executed by drummer Josh Taylor.

I feel like every time I have to describe Fuzz Lightyear’s material I can’t help but draw comparisons to vicious animals and/or medieval weaponry, and I might sound like your therapist here but I promise their music can’t actually hurt you… or can it?

Writing by Luc Gibbons

Photography by Sam Joyce