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Belk barge into the conversation with one of the most catchy noise rock debuts in a long while.

'Belk' artwork

With only 8 minutes worth of material across three tracks, Belk make their introduction a short, snappy matter on their debut EP. Clearly though, the two-piece prove you don’t need much more than that.

The opening track, Cows, provides an impressive induction for the listener with its dancy rhythms coated in visceral noise. Gnarly guitars and dynamic, bouncy drums propel themselves at you as frontman Alex Pearson wails at the top of his lungs in a manner that leaves you hooked onto every syllable of his creation. As Alex commands “gogogo,” the two part track, “Belligerence/IWSY,” throws drum parts catchier than the latest manufactured pop chorus right at you before exploding into blistering, ecstatic bursts of energy. Completed by sporadic, surrealist falls into noise, “Belligerence” seamlessly melds into Part 2: “I Want To Shag You”. Snarling and grotesque vocals embracing hedonistic love mark out this short section of song. With a musical push and pull that possesses your entire body and jerks it around, a part of you can’t help but feel like the muse that Belk lust after.

No piece of music, however, can summarise the Belk experience as tastefully as the closer, “Flunk,” does. A dynamic range larger than you could imagine from such aggressive lads, “Flunk” features it all. Bouncing between loud, ripping, passages that punch you with a ferocity that rock music was born to be, and quiet, reserved moments drenched with unrest, the track gets a lot of mileage from its three and a half minute run time. While my tinnitus cursed ears hate to say it, Belk by Belk is music that compels you to blow your speakers out and play it on repeat. You can, and should, listen now on Bandcamp.

Writing by Varun Govil