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DRAB is here to show you all things gloriously disgusting, repulsive, and bad about the hub of all things horrid: Leeds. From the music to the art, the cultured to the crude, the people to the buildings; nothing is off limits within the pages of DRAB.



Varun Govil

Expect gig reviews, thoughts on the newest music, and failed attempts at being witty. A lover of all things music and all things Leeds, Varun can and will provide his thoughts on all things from hardcore to the latest sad songwriter, the newest indie band at the Lending Room to the most jaded noise act at Chunk; and all the people who make things tick in this city. Having experience in bands, in radio, and in being a citizen of Leeds, hopefully his opinions won’t be too far off the mark.

 @varun.a.g on Instagram

Summer Crane

Summer Crane

A newcomer to Leeds, Summer will be your relatable guide to discovering the city. As an artist and music enthusiast, Summer will be in charge of creating all uncredited visuals you consume from us as well as sourcing from outside artists and forcing her poorly informed music recommendations upon you (e.g. I like this band, but I don’t really know why!). As you can probably tell from this bio alone, my strengths do not lie with my writing (I stopped reading books at about 14 and ever since my brain has been deteriorating), so we’ll mostly rely on our two talented boys for that. I’ll just be over here bossing them about, making art and being illiterate.

@summercrane on Instagram


Luc Gibbons

I’m just a music nerd residing in a shell of fragile ego and charity shop clothing. Seeking musical asylum in this culture jungle 200 miles away from where I grew up, I feel at home in Leeds. My sole aim is to inform the locals of the awe-inspiring  art and diverse varieties of culture that are in constant output here, in the hopes the feeling will be mutual. My passion in music and for seeking the beauty in ugly has led me to an intense interest in the blooming punk scene here in Leeds. So strap in for overzealous replies to a culture-hub of which I feel totally unworthy.

@luc.gibbons on Instagram

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